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October 12, 2021

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A Fun Fall Family Outing

If you are looking for places to visit this fall, you should check out the Resendiz Family Fruit Barn located in Hughson, California. This little hidden gem in the Central Valley is a great place to take your family to explore. Not only will you experience beautifully landscaped scenery, but fun activities for the whole family to do. Plus, in October, there is a pumpkin patch, which in my opinion, is reasonably priced. Oh, and did I mention the entry is FREE?

The Fruit Barn

The Fruit Barn is open every day from 8 AM to 5 PM. We arrived close to 10 AM and it wasn’t packed yet. Which was nice because we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We also were able to park in front of The Fruit Barn. Otherwise, they do have parking directly across the road.

The Fruit Barn has a variety of nuts, produce, and baked goods. Most of their food items can be sampled.

Fresh variety of flavored nuts.
Fresh produce and baked goods.
Dried fruits and beverages.
Beautiful gift baskets.

The Pumpkin Patch

Featured in the month of October is the Resendiz Pumpkin Patch. Get tiny little pumpkins or very large ones for very reasonable prices.

They had a variety of tiny pumpkins, squash, and gourds. Take 10 at 50 cents apiece and put together a beautiful table centerpiece.
Small pumpkins with long stems were 3 for $4. Other small pumpkins were 3 for $3. These are also great for decorating around the house for fall.
Okay, so I had never noticed black pumpkins before. I was a bit amazed by their elegance, so I took two.
This section had small and medium-sized pumpkins at $2 and $5 each.
These medium-large pumpkins were priced at $8. This was a perfect size so we chose a unique green one! Which the hubby will turn into a Hulk.
I want to say these were the biggest pumpkins they had. These big guys were priced at $18 each or 3 for $48. Not bad if you need to decorate outdoors.
These unique pumpkins known as Fantasy pumpkins, are sold by weight – 79 cents a pound.
And finally, these pumpkins went home with us, and all for only $16. Overall, I think it was a great deal!

Kids Just Want to Have Fun

Little kids and big kids alike can have a great time at the fun attractions found around the park. Get a tour around the farm in this four-cart locomotive.

Get greeted by these friendly characters.
Take a picture too.
Pony rides for the little kids.
This attraction has a fee.
Hay Maze – fun for the whole family.
This attraction is free.

Raceway Tricycle Rides

Big kids and little kids can have fun at $9 per person for 15 minutes.
Dad is joining the race with his little girl. Was a bit tougher than it seems.
Kids can have fun on this playground while you take a break in the shade. Play is free.
Bounce houses are also available for a fee. We opted out from the bounce houses this visit.

The Farm Animals

Kids can see a few farm animals but no petting is allowed.

Here we have some chickens and a goose.
There were a few peacocks.
This curious goat followed me as I walked around.
The goat with his family.

The Fish Pond

The water fountain was a soothing sound to my ears. The pond does have a lot of fish. Unfortunately, the water was too green for us to see them through it. They were best-seen when we began to feed them. The food can be purchased inside the fruit barn.

My girls feeding the fish.
Beautiful scenery.
The pond.
We thought this turtle was fake, until he turned his head.
The red structure can be rented out for kids’ parties.
It’s a good size area to hold a party.

Some Tasty Treats

Whether you are wanting a delicious meal or a tasty treat,  you can find some appetizing food at the farm.

Maria’s offers Mexican food and seafood.
The wonderful smell of Mac Doogles Old Time Kettlecorn.
We decided to get the original flavor and it was delicious.
My brother chose caramel apple and it was also yummy.

Overall, we had a great time and didn’t have to break the bank to enjoy some fun family time. Next visit we will try the train ride and have some food at Maria’s.

Resendiz Family Fruit Barn is located at 4342 Geer Rd, Hughson, CA 95326.

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