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December 15, 2021

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ello friends! I’m pretty sure we all have some ornaments that we no longer use but keep around every year just in case we ever “need them”. I hadn’t used these ornaments in over ten years and I was in need of white ornaments for my tree. So instead of going out and buying new ones – I upcycled the ones I already had.

Let’s get started…

Only a few supplies are needed.
  • Unused Ornaments
  • Yarn (Dollar Tree)
  • Glue Gun/Glue
  • Scissors

The unused ornaments I had were made of colorful silk thread, and while they were pretty, I had not used them in a very long time. Of course, if I ever decide on a Grinch theme then I will be wishing I hadn’t done this to my ornaments.

So the first step was to remove all the silk thread from the ornaments with scissors. Then set them aside. Note: If you do end up having to remove any thread, be careful not to poke yourself. Yep, I did and decided to slow down afterward.

To make the yarn covers for the ornament I used a six-inch acrylic frame to wrap the yarn over about 12 times. You may need to adjust the size of your loops depending on the size of your ornaments. I had three different sizes. Then, carefully remove the yarn and tie one end together with a piece of yarnabout an inch down. I left an uncut loop right at the center and cut off the rest of the loops. (This loop will be used to hang your ornament.)

On the opposite side, I just cut through all the loops. I added glue to the top of the ornament and placed the yarn over the top. I separated the strands of yarn over the ornament and then tied them together on the bottom.

Finally, I just trimmed off any excess yarn. Ant that’s all friends! Unused ornaments ready to be put back to work!

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