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September 1, 2021

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Fall is my absolute favorite season. The cool breezy weather not being too hot or too cold—just right! The wonderful smell of pumpkin spice filling the air. And of course, putting on cozy sweaters and boots to enjoy the beautiful scenery of turning trees. What is not to like about fall?

So to set the mood and welcome the fall season into my home, I started off with a colorful autumn wreath.

Let’s get started…

What you’ll need:
  • Metal Wreath 14.25″ (Dollar Tree)
  • Twine (Dollar Tree)
  • Wired Jute Cord (Dollar Tree)
  • Burlap Wired Edge 2.5″ (Hobby Lobby)
  • Black & White Buffalo Checker Wired Edge Ribbon 2.5″ (Hobby Lobby)
  • Flowers (Dollar Tree)
  • Eucalyptus (Dollar Tree)
  • Pumpkins (Dollar Tree)
  • Pipe Cleaners (Dollar Tree)
  • Glue Gun / Glue
  • Scissors
  • Skewer
  • Bobby Pin (or yarn needle)

Optional items:

  • Mod Podge (Dollar Tree)
  • Brush
  • Hair Rubber Bands (Dollar Tree)

Let’s Decorate the Wreath First

Use the glue gun to cover the metal wreath with twine.

Cut 24 pieces of twine (approx 3.25″ each piece).  Glue 4 pieces of twine in each section of the wreath.

Use the bobby pin to loop the twine around a box to create a checker box.

Tie loose ends together on the backside. Continue making checker boxes with the twine until you reach a desired design. I made 11 checker boxes.

Next, tie the twine on the top ring next to the checker box. Then, start to loop the twine diagonally over the wreath width but leave a small space between each loop.

Loop the twine all around and once you get to the other side of the checkers, return the twine looping in the opposite direction.

The picture on the left is showing how much coverage I was able to get out of one twine roll. Continue looping until you reach desired coverage.

Let’s Put Together Some Flowers

I purchased the flowers at Dollar Tree. And let me tell you, I couldn’t believe how fast they cleared out of fall flowers. I’m glad I was still able to find some pretty colors. You may have to visit a couple of stores to find some flowers. I’m not sure how often they restock seasonal items. For the flowers, I chose Mini Mums. Mums are my favorite 😉 I bought one red and one orange bunch but didn’t add all the flowers. But feel free to add in as many as you want. I also used two Sunflowers and two Eucalyptus bunches.


Take your two Eucalyptus branches and slightly curve the stems. Then take some wire and fasten them together.

Add flowers to Eucalyptus arch with wire.

Next, add Sunflowers and pumpkins.

Add Some Spirals

Next, I used the wired jute cord and skewer to make spirals. I used some hot glue to cover the ends. I noticed that once I cut the cord, it began to unravel.

Wrap the cord around the skewer beginning from the top to bottom. Then glue to the back of the flowers. I may have cut mine a bit small since they barely peeked out from behind.

Let’s Make a Bow or Two

Use the burlap to make your first bow. I didn’t actually measure my bow. I just eyed it to how big I wanted it. Then, fold over twice and cut.

Slightly pull out sides diagonally. Then, crimp together and tie with a piece of wire.

Extend the sides to look like a plus sign. Then cut a small triangle out of the flat edges.

Now, using the same steps for the burlap bow, make your buffalo checker bow. Use the wire from the top bow to tie onto your bottom bow.

And now add the bow to the center.

This design is meant to be interchangeable. I figured I don’t really need more than one wreath. This concept helps with storing holiday items away. I can continuously freshen up the design by replacing the flowers with a new design. And for this reason, I opted to strap down the flowers to the wreath with pipe cleaners. I’m sure you could use other things like ribbon, velcro strips, or tie straps. But that is what I had on hand.

I used three pipe cleaners. If you add more flowers, you may need to use more pipe cleaners to hold up the weight.

I spaced out the pipe cleaners and then twisted them in place.

Center the wreath over the flowers and in between pipe cleaners.

Twist and tie pipe cleaners.

That’s all!

My wreath is ready for display. What a lovely way to welcome the fall.

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