Cooking the classics and experimenting to create new favorites.

Practice takes patience.

I started learning to cook when I was about ten years old. Of course, back then, it was very minimal, out-of-a-box macaroni and putting together cereal with orange juice – yes, we were out of milk!!! Over the years, I have learned to cook various dishes, including family recipes. Unfortunately, I stayed there for too long – repeating the same recipes over and over, week after week. Most likely, I was trying to avoid making awful dinners and having a hungry mob sulking. So in my attempt to try new dishes, most of them may not have been on the healthy side because, at first, I was only trying to add variety to our menus. So you may need to adjust some recipes to fit your health needs. Think of these as a starting point, and make them your own.

So fast forward to 2022, and I have been learning about consuming food as a fuel and not only a filler; food can help your body benefit from its nutrients. I try to eat moderately, especially carbs and have cut out refined sugars as much as possible. With those few adjustments, I have noticed that I feel better overall and even leaner. I can’t wait to try out new dishes that taste great and are nutritiously healthy.