January 11, 2022

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Happy New Year 2022! I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted anything for the reason that I needed a little breather from the holiday overload. Considering that this is my first year trying to work on projects and gather content, all while decorating for the two holidays, including tearing down/storing the fall decorations and redecorating for Christmas, then repeating after Christmas, plus shopping, gift wrapping, cooking, and pretty much everyday life. Phew! While I uploaded three Christmas posts and a blog (25 days of Christmas Love Letters), I needed to postpone adding content. So, this is why you are just now seeing this blog post – yup! – I am finally catching up.

Of course, to make my life a little easier, I have tried to make most of my decorations interchangeable. I hope you enjoy the projects I put together this past Christmas 2021. By the way, I already have a few projects in mind for next year. So, God willing, I will get those out later this year. But for now, let’s get started on viewing this past year’s Christmas projects.

Interchangeable Christmas Wreath

I started my decorating from the outside with a Christmas wreath. You can see my tutorial for details.

Most of the products used came from Dollar Tree. I bought this particular wood wreath at Hobby Lobby.

Basic Ornament Makeover

I gave a quick make-over to inexpensive ornaments with paint and glue.

Add glue, dry, paint, dry, and that’s all! Check out the video tutorial. 

Poinsettia Arrangement

As you can see, I used my newly painted ornaments as vase fillers.

I found these poinsettia flowers at Dollar Tree in two different shades of red. And I used the same burlap wrap-around ribbon and just updated it with a new bow I quickly created.

Upcycle Unused Ornaments

I had these old ornaments that I needed to throw out or upcycle. So I decided on the latter by only using yarn and a glue gun.

I ended up with these cute ornaments that I could use year after year even if there are color palettes that change. I especially liked the opaque ones – unfortunately, there were only a few. Check out the video tutorial. 

Mantle Art

I used permanent markers (Sharpie’s) in wintery colors, plus a white chalkboard writer.

I quickly updated my fall mantle art with Christmas art. Check out the video tutorial. 

Joy Twig Wreaths (Upcycled)

I had these twig wreaths I purchased years ago at a second-hand store. I kept these simple with a few craft items.

How fun it is to add a little extra joy to the festivities. Check out the video tutorial. 

Greenery Arrangement (Berries & Pines)

I put this greenery arrangement last minute. Hobby Lobby had 66% off their Christmas items.

These turned out very cute! I do like the greenery mixed with pine cones and berries. Hey! – just like my mantle art. 🙂 Check out the video tutorial. 

25 Days of Christmas Love Letters

25 Days of Christmas Love Letters

And last but certainly not least. I gathered together 25 days of scriptures to keep Jesus at the center of our days leading up to Christmas. God knows that one scripture a day is not enough. However, one scripture can be just what you need to get your faith stirred. Just an appetizer to help point you back to the Word of God, where you can get the full course meal. This collection of scriptures, I thought, was a great reminder of God’s love for us and how much he desires for his children to love one another. You can read the letters here.

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