May 20, 2021

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Crocheting is one of those things that you see and say, “Wow, I wish I could do that.” It is also something I saw growing up because my grandmother Francisca crocheted all the time. As a child, I remember sitting with her and a few of my female cousins as she taught us to make chains. Lot’s and lots of chains. And honestly, I don’t remember going past that. I have pinned so many cute crochet projects, which by the way, look very intimidating.

So in 2017, my second daughter Makayla – who is now 16, became interested in crocheting. So for Christmas, my husband and I gifted her a beginner’s crochet kit. Crocheting turned out to be more difficult than she had anticipated. And after several attempts, she gave up. Then in 2021, she gave crocheting another try, but this time it clicked. Now, her beginner status skyrocketed to an advanced level in a short period of time. She has made so many adorable toys, hats, bags, and even clothes. Below are just a few examples of her work.

Crochet Giraffe

Lady Bug

Cow with Strawberry Bag

As you can see she has naturally taken on this skill and has done a great job in her work. She inspired me to give crochet a try. Here is the result of my first attempt at crocheting.

My first crochet leaf!

As you can tell my crochet leaf is not perfect. But I was so happy I was actually able to produce this. Of course, I did have some help. I found a great tutorial on YouTube by Crochet Jewel. Her instructions were pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Although my leaf doesn’t look like hers, it was a great starting point. I purposely chose a leaf as my first attempt at crocheting because I wanted to make a pom-pom garland. I do believe it was a good starting project for me to be able to learn and practice. So I figured I would feed two birds with one scone. 

Supplies Used

  • Worsted Yarn 100% Acrylic (Dollar Tree) 

  • Crochet Hook (H/8 5.00MM)

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