April 12, 2020

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Colorful rainbow cookies are fun to make. I am so glad I ran into this recipe. I actually thought it was really good. And so did my family as they pretty vanished the same day.

My youngest, six years old at the time, enjoyed making these cookies with me. We used a circle playdough cutter and a snowflake cookie cutter. Use what you have on hand. ūüėČ

The original recipe, which I found on Pinterest, is from Design Eat Repeat. This cut-out sugar cookie recipe was easy to follow and she includes a video tutorial as well.

Since these cookies were for Easter, we wanted to make them colorful. So I added food coloring to the dough. I separated the dough into four equal parts and then divided each color into two parts. I refrigerated them again for another 30 minutes before I started to roll out each ball of cookie dough.

I needed to add a little disclaimer for my husband and son. Otherwise, these probably wouldn’t have made it to our Easter lunch.


cookie smile

Cookie smiles!

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